Calvin Klein dresses are fashionable, stylish, and of extremely good quality. Being highly valuable products, there are various cheap imitations of many of CK dresses that are a major waste of money for buyers. This also makes them susceptible to cheap rip offs, that not only cause damage to the veracity and reputability of the label, but are damaging to the customer, both for the money that is paid and the trust that he vests in the product. It is thus important to ensure that the Calvin Klein dresses you buy are original so as to ensure that you have the peace of mind and satisfaction of owning a CK product.


It is only natural that the one place that you do not need to be worried about the authenticity while shopping for Calvin Klein dresses is purchasing CK dresses online from the CK website itself. Purchasing directly from the official website ensures that you do not fall for any cheap imitation of the dress and only the authentic product reaches you.

Calvin Klein Dresses Online


If you wish to purchase CK dresses online from an e-commerce website rather than the CK website directly, you will have to look carefully. This is because such websites are merely the marketplace for various sellers to sell their products, and it is possible for imitations to pass through, under the garb of authentic products.

Firstly, look closely at the pictures, especially for the tag and bar code in the corner of the tag. Ensure you purchase only from sellers that have displayed a good picture of the products.

Secondly, look for good descriptions, and beware of poor or misinformed descriptions of the products.

Furthermore, do ensure that the seller has a good feedback since a high volume of negative feedback almost always indicates an avoidable situation that is more at risk due to the highly valued products that have various cheaper imitations.


Analyze the cost at which the CK dress is sold for. In addition to the basic price, which is sourced directly from the brand, it would additionally include, item cost, listing fees, shipping costs, income tax, in addition to standard business costs. A very tempting looking price could be an invitation to purchase a cheap rip off of the product since CK dresses would not market at a price lower than its original price unless the company seeks to offer any discount.

It is thus important to be wise and keep an eye out for unsavory sellers of fake imitations, so as to ensure that the price you pay for a CK dress is not in vain. A careful eye would help you here to avoid a situation such as this.

Why Should You Not Buy Designer Women Wear? Get All Tips Here!

Do you long to buy that beautiful evening dress you saw in a fashion magazine? Or maybe a ravishing pair of jeans that you know will turn heads? Now you can buy them from quite a few online retailers offering an extensive variety of designer women’s wear in multiple styles, colors, textures, designs and patterns. You can also get shoes, watches, sunglasses, belts, scarves and other accessories from premium fashion houses. Be spoilt for choice with Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Aeropostale, Armani, Kenneth Cole, DKNY, Guess, Jessica Simpson and more.

What All Can You Shop For?

If you look for designer women’s wear online, you will come across a whole host of eye-catching gowns, dresses, jeans, pants, jumpsuits, tops, shirts and tees, leggings, skirts, shorts, capris, swimwear, shape wear, sleepwear and lingerie. Jackets, blazers, coats, hoodies and sweatshirts are also available. You can search and sort apparels or other accessories by type, designer or brand, color, fabrics, size, price, discount or offers (yes you read it right) or even delivery days! In short branded women’s wear shopping has become a piece of cake.

Branded Women’s Wear

Most sites offering luxury clothing for women have easy exchange, return or refund policies, so you will never get stuck with an outfit you don’t like or if it doesn’t suit you. Usually, every item will come with detailed descriptions and size guides for you to make an informed choice.

Choosing The Perfect Designer Wear

Since luxury women’s wear is crafted to make you look like a diva, here are some tips to follow while you are shopping. Any clothing item should fit you perfectly and the fabric should be comfortable depending on the season. Heavier women will look best in dark solid shades or delicate prints. Sleeveless, halters or cap sleeves complement toned arms best. Vertical stripes or pleats can add height on shorter women.

luxury clothing for women

Long skirts or dresses can beautifully cover thick calves. A-line shapes or empire waists are ideal if you have bit tummy. V-necks are more or less flattering for everyone. But if you have a small bust, scoop or embellished necks will look great. Low waist jeans should be avoided if you have tummy bulge or love handles. Also, do consider your age while buying clothes. Too flashy pieces or items with bows and ruffles look better on younger women.

Designer Dresses

Finally, don’t forget the purpose or occasion while buying women’s designer wear. So while you can experiment with bright colors or revealing styles for parties or festivals, sober shades and less exposure are right for formal situations. So use your discretion and wear your favorite designer wear with confidence.

Latest Fashion Trends for Women While Shopping ONLINE

We know that fashion is constantly changing and it keeps reinventing itself in myriad ways. And the numerous virtual retail platforms have made online shopping for women, a wonderful experience. There are many luxury brands to choose from such as Armani, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Ted Baker and more. But how do you know what is the latest fashion? Here’s a fair idea about it.

Say It With Flowers

When you are shopping online, you will surely note how floral prints have become a rage! Skirts, dresses, scarves, tops, cover-ups, shirts, shorts and even bikinis are flaunting flowers with great gusto. They look vibrant, cheerful and delicately feminine. Floral designs are also being widely used in necklaces, cuffs, hair bands, bags and even iPhone cases. Just remember not to go overboard with the print. For instance, pair floral tops with plain bottoms or bags and vice versa.

Party Time

Going to a party or a fun night out with friends? You can shop online for some eye-catching accessories. A designer crossbody bag or a bright, glitzy clutch or evening bag can up your style quotient significantly. Gold hinge bracelets with pave crystal embellishment are must haves. Stud earrings with luxury brand logos and intricate rings are hot too. Remember to buy stilettos and sleek heels for the diva look. They can match the tone of your dress or in nude shades which make your legs look longer. Pick from fancy straps, open toed, court shoes. Faux eyelashes and glittering nail color will complete your look.

The Magic Of Fringes

The use of fringe pattern is another gem in the world of women’s fashion. Check out fringed dresses, fringed swim skirts, and bandeau tops with fringes. Luxury handbags with fringed tassels or embellishment are favorites too. You can also go for fringe pattern necklaces.

Summer Delight

For summer months and beach vacations, you must do some online shopping for cool branded sunglasses. Aviator, retro, wayfarer, and round styles are popular right now. Experiment with bright colors and tortoise shell accents. Strapless or one shoulder single piece swimsuits will definitely scorch the cool ocean waters. Stripes and floral patterns are stealing the show. Colorful flip flops featuring brand logos, girly sun hats and bags with tropical prints are other go-to accessories.

And for the imminent winter, shop online for sleek and fitting jackets, blazers, trench coat and coats. To sum up, it’s good to be aware of trends but don’t follow them blindly. Make sure that any fashionable piece goes well with your body type, age, aspirations and personal style.

Spring 2015-16 Ready To Wear Michael Kors

For the fashion conscious, nothing can be better than welcoming the New Year with, than a Michael Kors sale in India. Though you might find yourself contemplating different resolutions for 2015-16, the drive for a crazy shopping spree for Michael Kors will make you forget it all.

Come One, Come All To The Spring 2015-16 Collection

Michael Kors sale in India is a worthwhile experience. Clothing and accessories of all kinds for women are voraciously gulped down by fashion hungry souls all over the country. For women, from polka dot skirts to beige formal wear and from beach wear to a sexy body fit dress, everything that is trending in the fashion industry is catered to by Michael Kors. Almost all of mankind’s fashion tastes are well within reach at Michael Kors. You can even buy Michael Kors online in India, delivery of which is quick and fuss-free.

Enjoy The Attention and Crave For More

Online sites come to your rescue if you want to buy clothing, shoes, bags, and other necessary accessories in India. With affordability, selection, quick delivery and comfort, these sites should be your ultimate destination if you have Michael Kors on your mind. Pack up that winter wear, plug in your earphones and start working out for a spring fit body that is bound to reflect in the clothing from Michael Kors. This brand has made its name not just in India and but in many other countries across the globe, for excellence in material and refinement in display.

It is true that to buy women’s wear from Michael Kors makes you one big starry-eyed royalty. Go on, do it now.

Why Shop At Online Premium Shopping Store?

Recently I ordered one product at one of the popular online shopping store but when I received my order that was a women’s wear actually, I got stuck completely and it is because of their poor customer service, user experience and off-course their bad quality products. It was completely embarrassing for me, I purchased that item for my loved one with a desire for something that does matter for me and for that I didn’t care about the prices and all. I paid them their offered prices and instead of this what I got? Is this fair? Not at all at least.

I search a lot on the net to find a site that offers original and authentic clothes, footwear and accessories for within the budget. Finally, I found some sites and among these, ELITIFY was good enough to meet expectations and feeling happy to shop their designer women’s wear brands at the affordable original price range that make some sense. When I got my order I was not stuck like the previous one’s order and there is only one reason behind it that is to have original products at the same price.

Finally ELITIFY, a premium shopping store that offers designer women’s clothing to their customer online across India has proved to me a satisfactory shopping experience, although their delivery time was little bit of delayed and their products range is bit high, but it doesn’t matter if I am getting quality products of my choices within my budget in the comparison of other online shops in India

For me, it was all about to budget, quality and satisfaction. Actually I just bought designer dresses for someone as a surprise gift and when I got this it was an original aeropostale designer dresses at free shipping, cash on delivery (cod) with 356 days exchange guarantee that was superb. The quality of garments was good, acceptable and worth for money completely. I was looking for such designer women’s wear since a long time when I started doing online shopping because usually I don’t get enough time to go for shopping at retail shops and whenever I get time, I try to enjoy my life by outing, travelling or wandering to and fro. I just try to do as much as fun as I could do.

It is my suggestions to all of you, don’t waste your money on bad quality products or items at some other sites that use to serve their customer with huge discount rates, cheap prices and un-authentic brands or something else.

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts

Ralph Lauren’s polo shirt division exudes newfangled exuberance in an elevated MO with every season’s collection. The women’s polo shirts wrapped up in haberdashery benefaction gather a spotlight of their own. Polo by Ralph Lauren never run out of style and emanate versatility. Having said this, these polo shirts run the gamut of all that a woman would ever want in her wardrobe.

Pink Pony Polo Shirt

Pink Pony Polo Shirt

Like the heretical sport of polo, Ralph Lauren holds onto the equestrian tradition with a firm grip. Just like this classic white polo shirt with a hint-of-pink logo. The ribbed polo collar with dyad button placket are an add-on to the silhouette fit of the polo shirt theme.

Skinny-Fit Big Pony Polo Shirt

Skinny Fit Big Pony Polo Shirt

If the early-afternoon sun-soaked clime bogs you down, this blue polo shirt is a tranquil relief to the eyes during the event that unofficially kicks off summer. The enlarged signature pony logo captured in gloss embroidery complements the Ralph Lauren polo shirt fabulously

Skinny-Fit Big Pony Polo

Skinny Fit Big Pony Polo

Ralph Lauren has kept his polo close to the theme of royal athletic events. A cool sporty look emanated on the face of the theme makes it a must buy for women on jocks, tennis courts and stands, alike.

Distressed Graphic T-Shirt

Distressed Graphic T-Shirt

Unlike its collared counterparts, this pastel t-shirt is an epitome of chic yet casual, in and out of the arena. Ralph Lauren’s graphic t-shirt blends explicitly in any occasion. So weather you are a spectator or a player, this polo t-shirt makes it a versatile designer possession.

Striped Big Pony Tee

Striped Big Pony Tee

Consider the persistent battle to rummage through your unkempt wardrobe to find a perfect not-too-casual t-shirt, now extinct. Embossed with the iconic logo superimposed on the citrus stripes with a turquoise backdrop makes this off-duty t-shirt a win-win deal.

Skinny Stretch Polo Shirt

Skinny Stretch Polo Shirt

Been working on that figure all year? Well, now is the time to show off your chiseled build in this shocking yellow shapely polo shirt that is bound to show the effort put in your workout.

Skinny-Fit Big Pony Polo Shirt

Skinny Fit Big Pony Polo Shirt

The opulent pop of electric blue in the equestrian logo on the bright orange polo shirt is perfectly complementary. The loud tangerine hue would complement any complexion juxtaposedly in the sporty ensemble.

Stretch Mesh Polo Shirt

Stretch Mesh Polo Shirt

This performance polo shirt is not for the faint at heart. It defines one’s love for a sporty yet classy look. Wear it to cheer your team on or to those lazy after match brunches.

Skinny Stretch Polo Shirt

Skinny Stretch Polo Shirt

This stretch polo shirt is staple in your wardrobe. The contrasting red placid is just spot on to break the monotony. Colour and comfort are important factors that essentially construct this polo shirt.

Skinny-Fit Polo Shirt

Skinny Fit Polo Shirt

Talking of breaking the monotony, this skinny fit polo shirt comes as a refreshing summer breeze. The classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt gets an upgradation with the medium green opulent pop of colour.

How To Dress-Up For A Party ?

Love the party dress up melodrama but confused about what to wear? Forget about stealing the show. Own the night instead with our easy to-do list about how to dress up for a party. Wait for it!

Work That Ensemble

From silhouette to stilettos, you HAVE to look bang on! A right outfit can make or break your look. So grab your RSVP invite and read on, for time and location are important. During the day, you must focus on adding cool and trendy to your look. Heels and pumps are currently trending, giving you a city chic look. Saving your strut for a bigger knees-up or sundowner? Loafers are an abso-go!


Now ladies, ladies. Night brings out the dressier and the messier – dressier apparel and messier hair. For an owning-the-night look rock-and-rawr that LBD you have been wanting to swirl in.


Accepting your Style & Comfort

If “duh, trending” is your motto, you’ll end up participating in the who wore it better contest (cue AW15 Prada frock). You follow?


Everyone is uniquely built and so is their personality. You should experiment with your look but not at the cost of your personal style and comfort. Don’t lose yourself in the process of dolling yourself up. #Fashionnotfortheweakatheart.

Working On The Budget

Work out the permutations and combinations of the clothes you have. You can try layering your clothes and accessories. Team the biker jacket with a silk or lace dress. Another option could be wearing a pair of skinny jeans with over-shirt and chunky jewellery. The idea is to mix-and-match.

Womens Clothes and Accessories
Image from Panashstyle

If you have to wear something new, rule out the options like what to buy and how much money you can spend.

Adorning Yourself

A look can elevate or deflate your style. A minimalistic look can be resorted for the day whereas you can flaunt statement neck pieces, chunky chains in gold and silver, hoop and chandelier metal earrings at night.


Accessorizing Right

Choose a color from your pretty outfit or consult the complementary color  palette. Throw in a bright dress that complements subdued heels and reverse. The same could work for the handbags as well.

Experimenting with Hair & Make-Up

Ostentatious hairstyles and gaudy make-up are a BIG no no! So primp your mane, prep your face and conquer the world!

Hair & Make-Up

Smelling Nice

Goes unsaid. But make sure the fragrance is not too strong, for many people are allergic to a lot of scents that you may not know of.


Wearing a party wear dresses is not a great deal but not less than an art. With the above points you can take ideas for getting your look right for a party. Lastly, just be sure to smile a lot and be confident of how you look.