Top 5 Michael Kors Jewellery Trends

IF you are shopping for fashion jewellery, you can’t miss out on what Michael Kors has to offer. Elegant designs, off the beaten track styles and premium quality materials, make the ornaments a must buy. You can pick from a host of bracelets, pendant necklaces, rings, earrings and gift sets. Here is a look at the top 5 trends to keep an eye out for, when you are fashion shopping for MK bling.


    Rose gold metal which is essentially an alloy of gold, silver and copper, is being abundantly used in a number of Michael Kors items. It has a subtle charm of its own and can make you stand out from the crowd. The gunmetal finishing can be noted in cuffs, bracelets and rings primarily. They not only add a cool touch to your appearance but are indispensable for gothic inspired ensembles.


This trend you will mostly notice in michael kors bracelets and even in some necklaces too. The chains may be in gold, silver or rose-gold hues or can also be in combination with tortoise shell accents.


Michael kors stud earrings are perfect for wearing to office, casual hang out with friends or even a party. Colored or clear crystals or semi-precious stones are generally used on a metallic base for these earrings.


You will find a number of bracelets with a dainty MK logo dangling from them. It’s a subtle way of expressing your brand consciousness. Simple chains with mk logo pendants are also a rage. Stud earrings with the logo engraved on them can look very chic too. The cute padlock charm is found in the bracelets and also acts as the pendant in some necklaces.


Many interesting styles are evident in mk finger accessories. The first is the use of glitzy pave crystals on rose gold rings. Some rings are sporting combinations of gold and tortoise shell accents. Ornate rings inspired by chains or links are also on offer. Spiral, crisscross, stackable, buckle style or double rings joined by a chain are also on top of the fashion ladder. Leopard prints on a golden metal base is a hot favorite among style-savvy buyers.

The trends mentioned above are just like ripples on the surface of the water. Explore Michael Kors collection to discover modish thick bracelets, hoops, barrel pendant necklaces, studded leather cuffs and more.


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